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the happy place that is rose’s luxury 

when your brother that has lived in florida is willing to stand in line in windy dc for dinner, you say yes!    the hype that is rose’s luxury is worth the line, just know how to work it right.  first, don’t lunch.  if you get in at 515, get ready to eat.  we parked ourselves at the bar, told our awesome server/bartender  that we were going to be there awhile.  grabbed our first round of drinks and began to narrow down what we going to pick out of already almost perfected menu.  We ordered 5 plates, an added bonus was a treat from our server and the warm potato bread with delicious butter and we knew we were in for a good time.  the food speaks for itself, so i won’t get too much into that.  just know that the signature pork lychee salad is where my food happy place lives.  cocktails &a booze selection were obviously hand selected.  the ambiance was delightful in my book.  the service was wonderful, know the rules and they are welcoming with open arms for the experience you are looking for.   it’s worth the wait and if you are expecting a great booze program, wonderful food, a cozy place and friendly folks.  this will be a staple when my brother comes home to visit for sure.

food bites… breakfast sandwich game strong

sunday mornings call for yummy breakfasts.  egg whites, american cheese, bacon & ripe tomatoes glued together by a buttery english muffin.  in this case a gluten free one! it is hard to find gluten free replacements for things like this, they are dry or get soggy.  they absorb delicious condiments like mayo or butter to the point that you can’t taste it, i want to taste my butter, dammit!  this english muffin is made by Glutino and they are the best option on the market! happy sunday!

food bites… national taco day! 

because who wouldn’t want to start their day with breakfast tacos?  especially on national taco day!  scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese sauce, tomatoes, cilantro & hot sauce.  happiness.

oh hey, cape may!

first stop, cape may brewing company.  great beer, killer swag shop & great atmosphere.  


second stop, beach plum farm.  this amazing place is cute & happens to provide local hotels, resorts & restaurants with all things fresh.  add a cute marketplace for ceramics to a selection of yummy food to enjoy on the farm & instant happiness occcurs.  the tomato sandwich couldn’t have been more simple, but so so so perfect.


the beach, these photos say it all. 


congress hall, i will go on to rave about this place below.  photos are of the beachfront look of the hotel & the amazing cocktails had at the brown room every night of our stay. 

when my mom suggested for us to get our toes in the sand for a few days, i said “let’s go somewhere new”.  she was all about it & into our hands fell cape may.  only 3 hours from home, we hurried & booked our hotel quickly.  congress hall, the oldest beach resort in america at a great price, done deal.  this place has 3 places to eat & drink, plus beach food service… want the pool?  add lounge service cocktail service.  not to mention 2 maid services a day, valet parking & wifi all for free… what!?!? the food is amazing, the hotel is charming & the beach tent service came in handy when i got burnt.  well worth the extra money for comfort, relaxation & happiness it brings. i am hoping cape may has made the impression on my mom as it has on me, i want to come here year after year.  We didn’t get back in the car our entire visit & the laid back vibe won me over.  i did a few “food bites” posts on my love for this place & in the above photos, you can see why this place is a pure treasure.  

food bites… cape may part three… tisha’s fine dining. 

one photo says it all.  BYOB, a massive plate of amazing salad, lobster bisque with probably a good 1/2 lb of fresh lobster rising from rich creamy broth.  not pictured our shared entree of THE BEST pasta with vodka sauce with pancetta & topped with lots of shrimp.  service speaks volumes at BYOB places & this place is no exception.  there is a reason you must have reservations.  make them & thank me later. foodie heaven on earth.  don’t forget to bring a few bottles of wine & some extra cash for tip, service is amazing.


food bites… cape may part two… quincey’s orginial lobster rolls

can i get a jumbo? are you on a solo mission, a regular is perfect.  however my mom & i were getting ready for a big dinner, so we split a jumbo “classic” lobster roll & it was perfect.  mayo & lobster? yes please.  note: they have a “happy hour” from 3-5pm where rolls (not jumbo) are $10.  can i get 10 to go?!


food bites…cape may… part one… george’s place

who doesn’t want to eat breakfast almost beachfront? i was doing a quick search of places to have breakfast when this place popped up.  super affordable, excellent menu & great service.  trust, this isn’t the only time my mom & i got food from here during our stay.  my mom got pancakes & bacon, while I went for the classic smoked whitefish plate.  happy campers all around. 

oven roasted tomato spread

 whether tomatoes are in season and i have overloaded on too many delicious varieties or i simply just don’t use all of them up after a recipe, this is my favorite recipe.  i put it on all of the things.  on crusty bread rubbed with garlic and topped with balsamic glaze for a perfect snack, as a spread on italian sub or tossed in a pasta salad.

makes 1 /2 cups

1 cup tomatoes, if tomatoes are larger cut into 1 inch chunks
1/4 cup white onion, roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves (or more if you really like garlic), roughly chopped
1/3 cup mayo
olive oil
salt & pepper

. preheat oven to 400 degrees
. cover small baking sheet with foil
. toss first 3 ingredients with enough olive oil to coat
. season with salt & pepper
. roast in oven until tomatoes have popped & blistered about 15-20 minutes
. remove from oven & cool completely
. in a food processor (I use the little attachment for my emulsion blender) blend tomato mixture & mayo
. season with salt & pepper if needed

*if the tomatoes are super juicy, either drain some of the liquid after roasting before you blend or add a little more mayo. as with most sauces, after setting up in the fridge it does firm up a bit.

citrus watermelon cocktail

 summertime means watermelon time.  me & lily alike, have a thing for watermelon water.  it’s delicious & nutritious.  with prices on watermelon so low during the summer months, i never feel bad making a big jug of this stuff to keep in the fridge for cocktails & yummy water for lily (my crazy rescue dog, if you haven’t read my blog before).  you now buy pre-made watermelon water in case you can’t find watermelon in the off season.  making watermelon water takes a bit of time, but worth it!

for watermelon water

use as much or as little watermelon to create this part of the drink. A seedless 3 lb watermelon makes about 6-8 cups depending on how ripe the melon is. If you are going the precut route, 4 cups of chopped watermelon will make about 2 cups. all you have to do to make it is put the chopped watermelon in a blender until SUPER blended then stain through a tight strainer. you will notice that the better the strainer, the less pulp will come through. i’ve been on the lazier side and the pulp isn’t a bad thing, but the pure juice is so pretty and bright pink!

for the cocktail
makes 4

2 cups watermelon water
1 cup mixed citrus juice (I used lime & orange)
3/4 cup blanco tequila
lime wedges & small watermelon chunks for garnish

. in a cocktail shaker hallway filled with ice add juices & tequila
. shake! shake! shake!
. pour over ice filled glasses & garnish

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