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citrus watermelon cocktail

 summertime means watermelon time.  me & lily alike, have a thing for watermelon water.  it’s delicious & nutritious.  with prices on watermelon so low during the summer months, i never feel bad making a big jug of this stuff to keep in the fridge for cocktails & yummy water for lily (my crazy rescue dog, if you haven’t read my blog before).  you now buy pre-made watermelon water in case you can’t find watermelon in the off season.  making watermelon water takes a bit of time, but worth it!

for watermelon water

use as much or as little watermelon to create this part of the drink. A seedless 3 lb watermelon makes about 6-8 cups depending on how ripe the melon is. If you are going the precut route, 4 cups of chopped watermelon will make about 2 cups. all you have to do to make it is put the chopped watermelon in a blender until SUPER blended then stain through a tight strainer. you will notice that the better the strainer, the less pulp will come through. i’ve been on the lazier side and the pulp isn’t a bad thing, but the pure juice is so pretty and bright pink!

for the cocktail
makes 4

2 cups watermelon water
1 cup mixed citrus juice (I used lime & orange)
3/4 cup blanco tequila
lime wedges & small watermelon chunks for garnish

. in a cocktail shaker hallway filled with ice add juices & tequila
. shake! shake! shake!
. pour over ice filled glasses & garnish

food bites… bloody mary made into a meal

 a goblet of deliciousness.  perfectly spicy topped with a grilled jumbo shrimp, steak, tomato, cocktail onion, pepper jack cheese & a cornichon.  started sunday funday with a bang.

demitri’s bloody mary seasoning review

this is my first review of any kind of product.  it is so delicious that i had to make the plunge to write a review.  just like figuring out how to write recipes, there is a science to how to write a review.  so, bare with me while i get my science down.  also not that i am only going to write reviews about products i love.  i like to keep things positive.

i’m a bloody mary fiend.  if i’m brunching or having a sunday funday, it always starts with  a bloody mary.  i normally make my own mix if i am making a bloody mary at home with lemon, old bay, worcestershire sauce & garlic hot sauce.  sometimes i don’t have one of those ingredients & my whole world crumbles.  ok, not really.  however, i have found an amazing liquid “bloody mary seasoning” that is outstanding.  here is the breakdown…

name:  demitri’s bloody mary seasoning

why i love it: the product comes in anything from a pouch that makes a quart of bloody mary to jugs for industry use.  i got the 8oz bottle and it is a lot easier to store that little bottle of seasoning than a bunch of ingredients or bulky bottle in the fridge.  so, convience is it’s first plus.  moving onto taste, i got the classic recipe & it is perfectly spicy to me.  it comes in other flavors like chipotle- habanero for the spicier folks.  it isn’t overly salty like some can be & because you are using tomato juice, you don’t have to worry about that weird thick texture that some pre-made mixes have.  i use a 5.5oz can of tomato juice, lots of vodka & start with about 5 heavy dashes of the seasoning.  ok, so now it’s easy to store & delicious.  well here is another bonus… COST per bloody mary.  after doing some research, i found crappy mix that you have to doctor up at home for about $1.30 per bloody mary.  then there are the fancy (and pretty tasty) mixes that cost about $2.30.  now here comes demtri’s seasoning, with the can of tomato juice added into the cost, demitri’s is about $.80 per bloody mary.  most of the time you can find tomato juice for less than $.50 per can, so most likely it’s even cheaper.  there you have it… an easily stored, great tasting & cost effective bloody mary product.  i have gifted this to a few friends & we all agree that this is one awesome product!

cost: it is normally around $9 for the 8oz bottle

where i found it:
home goods

where you can find it:
amazon carries it as well as

recipe quickie…. citrus cranberry cocktail

 During the summer I like to keep a container of kind of fresh squeezed juice in the fridge to perk up my water or use in cocktails.  This cocktail is super refreshing and perfectly balanced!
1 part citrus juice ( I use 8 oranges, 3 limes, 2 lemons)

1 part vodka

1 part sparkling cranberry juice

I make mine in a collins glass because it is so easy to drink, taller glass, more cocktail!

it is still summer, so i am going to continue to enjoy summer cocktails… sparkling lemonade & rosemary cocktail


i love gin, especially in the summer. it goes great with fresh fruit juices to make a light amazing cocktail. i bought this bottle of green hat spring/ summer gin that is made in dc for my brother’s visit. due to weather, his flight got delayed a million times and then he decided to run far away for the airport that he had been at for 8 hours waiting to get home. so, i broke it out today, sorry brother! i had made the rosemary simple syrup last week for another cocktail that was a fail, so i decided to use it in this! it turned out amazing. so here it is!

makes 2 cocktails

4 ounces green hat gin, if you can’t find it… broker’s or bulldog are good substitutes for it
1 ounce rosemary simple syrup (recipe follows)
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 1/4 cups sparkling lemonade, any brand!

. fill shaker with ice add first 3 ingredients, shake well
. fill 2 glasses with ice & split gin mixture between glasses
. top with lemonade, mix and garnish with lemon slice & rosemary sprig

rosemary simple syrup

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
4 sprigs fresh rosemary

. bring all ingredients to boil & mix
. drop to low heat & cook for 10 minutes
. remove from heat & let sit for 30 minutes
.  strain and store anything you don’t use in fridge

the best bloody mary i have ever had or made


i have the day off, it’s my sunday funday! i have been hankering for a bloody mary, so I made one. I like making this cocktail with beer so that it isn’t as heavy. i have a good part of a case of  flying dog dead rise in my basement & decided to make my bloody mary with it. i had to use it considering it is a lightly hopped beer made with old bay seasoning (which was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this maryland seasoning sample)! i made it and it was the most simple & delicious bloody mary i have ever had. so, i had to share the recipe.

makes 2 cocktails

1/2 bottle flying dog dead rise
1 small can tomato juice
6 dashes worcestershire sauce
6 dashes pete’s garlic hot sauce
1/2 teaspoon old bay seasoning, plus more for rim
1/4 lime, juiced plus 2 wedges for rim/ garnish
5 ounces vodka, tito’s is my fav

. in cocktail shaker, add all ingredients except for vodka
. add a cup of ice & shake
. rub glasses with lime wedge, sprinkle rim with old bay & pour out any old bay that made it’s way into the glass
. fill each glass half way with ice, add 2.5 ounces of vodka to each glass
. top each glass with 1/2 of bloody mary mix , give it a stir & garnish with lime wedge

best snow day cocktail ever… bourbon coffee stout milkshake!


i’ve been waiting for the perfect day to try this recipe out.  as soon as flying dog brewery’s kujo coffee stout caught my eye, this creation popped into my head.  it is a snow day here in the dmv, so what better excuse to have a delicious afternoon cocktail.  make this (or a batch of them), get under the blankets for a netflix marathon & enjoy.

makes 2 pint sized milkshakes

1 pint talenti tahitian vanilla bean gelato (using this brand is important.  if you can’t find it, try using a high-end ice cream or gelato with tahitian or madagascar vanilla, it enhances the bourbon flavor in a sweet amazing way.)
2.5 oz bourbon, i used woodford reserve (it was the least expensive one i had)
1/2 to 2/3 bottle flying dog brewery kujo coffee stout
1 cup freshly whipped cream

. blend first 3 ingredients in blender, start with 1/2 of the beer and add more if milkshake is too thick
. top with whipped cream

infusing booze… easy & tasty


i opt for straight up vodka most of the time but i can never deny a stoli o & soda.  ive infused vodka, bourbon & rum before have had some ups & downs.  the bacon infused bourbon wassss pretty legit in a bloody mary.  infusing with fruit is pretty easy.  this time i infused with 3 different fruits.  mango, pineapple & strawberry… i have some ideas for them and will feature them in this post after i have hopefully been successful.

makes just over a cup of each flavor

1 cup pineapple, chopped
1 cup mango, chopped
1 cup strawberries, chopped
1 750ml bottle vodka, i use cheap & gluten free luksusowa
3 15 oz jars with lids

. place each fruit in their own jars & cover with just over a cup of vodka each
. place the lids on & set in a cool dark place for 3 days, other flavors many require more time but with fruit, 3 days normally does the trick
. strain through a fine mesh strainer pressing the fruit to get all of the booze out of them
. strain again through coffee filter & return to jar fruit & debris… i keep mine in the fridge

cocktails made from said infused booze…

tropical punch
2 parts mango infused vodka

1/2 part triple sec

1 1/2 parts guava juice/nectar

1 part mango juice/nectar

tablespoon of left over mango & pineapple from infusion

. place all ingredients into shaker & shake

. crack open shaker (so that whole fruit pieces will come out too) & pour over ice

strawberry lemonade

1/4 lemon

2 strawberries, chopped

2 parts strawberry vodka

2 parts lemonade

. muddle together strawberries & lemon in shaker, then remove lemon

. add vodka & lemonade and shake

. crack open shaker & pour over ice

pineapple mint smashie

2 tablespoons pineapple from infusion

8 mint leaves

2 parts pineapple infused vodka

club soda

. in shaker, add pineapple, mint & vodka.. throw some ice in & shakes for 30 seconds to break up the mint

. crack open shaker, pout into glass & top with club soda

the punch is the cocktail to hand out to get masses a little tipsy.  the strawberry lemonade is the perfect poolside refreshing drink.  the pineapple mint smashie is great to sip on all night.  i made them all for my mom & i and we were both impressed with the flavors. they may not be on par with my fav bartenders, neal, wendel & yared but they will do for the times i cant get to one of them.

rose wine… summer’s best friend

i love rose any time of the year but when the weather starts getting warmer my taste buds start screaming for a good rose.  it pairs well with a lot of food, which makes it the perfect wine to bring to a cook out or pack for a picnic.  these wines are NOT your sweet pink white zinfindel, these are dry with the perfect balance of acid & fruit.  i was in maine a few weeks ago and we found an AMAZING rose selection at the The Walpole Barn, i think we bought a bottle of each just to try them.  i could write a whole post about how you MUST go there for funky boat/beach bags, fun kitchen nick nacks, even rocks glasses etched with fishies. however this is a post about rose, but please note if you are anywhere near south bristol, maine… GO TO THIS BARN!  back to rose, it is a great wine to explore by picking up a few from different regions or made from different grapes to see what floats your boat.  here are some of my favs, old & new.

alexander valley dry sangiovese rose
this late in the summer, this one might be tough to find, but if you do, buy a few bottles.  this is a staple in my house during the summer and it’s probably one of my overall favorites.  while over the year the taste profile changes a smidge (which is excepted in almost ANY wine) it’ still has its lovely signature light strawberry flavor that i love so much.

elk cove pinot noir rose
elk cove is notorious for its amazing pinot gris and some of oregon’s best pinot noir, so it’s no wonder that their rose is delicious. with notes of cranberry & even a little bit of bright pink grapefruit, you can’t go wrong.

yalumba y series sangiovese rose

i have always been a fan of any yalumba wine.  they are well priced and from one of my favorite wine making regions, the barossa valley in austraila.  this rose has great notes of watermelon & cherry, how much more summery can you get?

roederer estate brut rose i had to throw a sparkling rose out there for the brunch lover in me.  this rose is  one of my favorite sparkling wines, period.  a little bolder with it’s use of chardonnay but still on track with roses with it’s strawberry notes.  this  stunner is crab cake eggs benedict partner in crime.

food pairings:  think grilled bread, rubbed with garlic topped with melted fresh mozzarella, prosciutto & basil.  rose wines have the balance of acid & fruit, meaning that it cuts through fat with the acid & enhances the flavors in the food with the fruit.  so i tend to mix grilled elements with rich flavors from meats & cheeses to perfectly compliment my rose.  like i have said above, it is really versatile so it really does go well with anything from grilled shrimp with pineapple salsa to fresh herb crusted pork tenderloin.

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