i think ive been a foodie my whole life.  there was rarely a taco tuesday at my house growing up.  maybe thats why i got so excited when i got to go to a friends house for dinner and got to have tacos.  my grandfather owned restaurants in dc, my mom’s grandmother made all things polish from scratch & my dad even ran a dinner theater before i was born.  so i guess a love for food is just in my blood.

i would watch my dad make dinner while i did my homework & even the simplest fried egg & bologna sandwich my mom would make me for breakfast as young as preschool are memories that put smiles on my face.  i always explored and enjoyed baking/cooking but it wasnt until my twenties that i got into it.  first it was the creation of the perfect chocolate chip cookie that i now proudly ship across the country to now having the ability to handle a cocktail party for 75 single handedly.

i found my love for booze early on thanks to parents with good appreciation for good wine & cocktails.  not to mention a good friend working for a beer & wine store that was at the top of the game.  i was in the industry for about 4 years & loved it.

most importantly, i love to cook for friends and family…add having a cocktail & listening to music, it creates my happy place.  so i figured id share some of the things i love.  the things i cook that make me do a happy dance in the kitchen.  the cocktails that go down too easily.  the knowledge and ramblings of all things related that i wish someone would have told me.

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