the happy place that is rose’s luxury 

when your brother that has lived in florida is willing to stand in line in windy dc for dinner, you say yes!    the hype that is rose’s luxury is worth the line, just know how to work it right.  first, don’t lunch.  if you get in at 515, get ready to eat.  we parked ourselves at the bar, told our awesome server/bartender  that we were going to be there awhile.  grabbed our first round of drinks and began to narrow down what we going to pick out of already almost perfected menu.  We ordered 5 plates, an added bonus was a treat from our server and the warm potato bread with delicious butter and we knew we were in for a good time.  the food speaks for itself, so i won’t get too much into that.  just know that the signature pork lychee salad is where my food happy place lives.  cocktails &a booze selection were obviously hand selected.  the ambiance was delightful in my book.  the service was wonderful, know the rules and they are welcoming with open arms for the experience you are looking for.   it’s worth the wait and if you are expecting a great booze program, wonderful food, a cozy place and friendly folks.  this will be a staple when my brother comes home to visit for sure.

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