oh hey, cape may!

first stop, cape may brewing company.  great beer, killer swag shop & great atmosphere.  

website: http://capemaybrewery.com/

second stop, beach plum farm.  this amazing place is cute & happens to provide local hotels, resorts & restaurants with all things fresh.  add a cute marketplace for ceramics to a selection of yummy food to enjoy on the farm & instant happiness occcurs.  the tomato sandwich couldn’t have been more simple, but so so so perfect.

Website: http://www.caperesorts.com/experiences/capemay/beachplumfarm

the beach, these photos say it all. 

Website: http://www.caperesorts.com/hotels/capemay/congresshall/

congress hall, i will go on to rave about this place below.  photos are of the beachfront look of the hotel & the amazing cocktails had at the brown room every night of our stay. 

when my mom suggested for us to get our toes in the sand for a few days, i said “let’s go somewhere new”.  she was all about it & into our hands fell cape may.  only 3 hours from home, we hurried & booked our hotel quickly.  congress hall, the oldest beach resort in america at a great price, done deal.  this place has 3 places to eat & drink, plus beach food service… want the pool?  add lounge service cocktail service.  not to mention 2 maid services a day, valet parking & wifi all for free… what!?!? the food is amazing, the hotel is charming & the beach tent service came in handy when i got burnt.  well worth the extra money for comfort, relaxation & happiness it brings. i am hoping cape may has made the impression on my mom as it has on me, i want to come here year after year.  We didn’t get back in the car our entire visit & the laid back vibe won me over.  i did a few “food bites” posts on my love for this place & in the above photos, you can see why this place is a pure treasure.  

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