bon appetite supper club

this idea makes my heart happy & my tummy full. after a good friend of mine had successfully started a bon appetite magazine supper club in portland, she eventually decided to start one here in DC. we are happily a small group of foodies, wine lovers, cocktail enthusiasts & beer nerds. plus you can never even think of making more than a few recipes out of the magazine before the next issue is headed your way. the concept is simple.

.gather a group of friends and friends of friends

.pick a host (which changes frequently)

.host sends invite with link to the current month’s recipes from bon appetite & sets up an online sign up sheet so everyone know who is making what

.make your dish & show up with it (and maybe some booze)

.enjoy cooking (because there is always last minute prep) & having drinks with friends

.eat, drink & be merry
my friend melissa that started this club is an old coworker and this has been a great way to not only stay in touch with old coworkers, but makes some new friends. dogs & beautiful babies are sometimes happily part of the deal. we have only done it for the past 3 months, but i have a good feeling that we will keep things going. with a rotating group of friends it’s always nice to see old & faces, that combined with great food, music & booze. why wouldn’t this be something that everyone wouldn’t want to do?
above pictures include so many things like fried chicken skins with an herb salad over rice noodles, from scratch mushroom & buratta lasagna, roasted jalapeno pimento cheese toasts, potato & roasted beet salad, roasted turnups & carrots, pork sugo, no bake chocolate cake, thanksgiving in sandwich form, barley salad…. i can keep going, but just go to the bon appetite website & get lost in food goodness!

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