udi’s gluten free pizza crust review

so, as you know i am mostly gluten free.  people can talk smack that there is no such thing as being gluten sensitive, the bottom line is that i feel better when i don’t eat it.  that’s what counts.  that being said, the world of gluten free foods out there has gotten A LOT better over the last 4 years.  there are a lot of good options, but pizza is where it falls flat.  why? as some of you probably know… gluten free products have a tendency to absorb any kind of sauce to make a soggy gross mess.  this product CAN turn out the same, but i have a trick that makes this pizza crust a regular in my freezer.  here is the breakdown..

name: udi’s gluten free pizza crust

why i love it:  let’s be honest, we all most likely have to ingredients to make some kind of pizza in the house at all times (aside from the crust), so this is an easy product to shock up on and have on hand in the freezer.  the first time i used this product, i followed the directions & it turned out blah.  it certainly didn’t take care of my pizza craving.  it was still a kinda soggy tasteless situation.  so, why talk about this product?  because i have a trick!
here it is… take your frozen pizza crust & mircowave it for 1 minute.  meanwhile, put your oven on broil & get a oven safe pan (large enough to fit your crust) on the stove on medium-high heat.  rub both sides of pizza crust with olive oil & get it in the pan.  cook each side of your pizza crust until they are golden brown, as oil if needed.  when this is done, just add your sauce & toppings to the crust (still in the skillet) & pop under the broiler until your cheese is bubbly.
it comes out crisp & the olive oil definatly helps to give the crust a little flavor.  i’ve made this pizza a million times and it’s alway a hit with gluten free & non gluten free alike.

cost: $6-$8 for a package of 2 (stock up when it’s on sale)

where i got it:

where you can get it:
it all depends on your store, out of 4 grocery stores close to my house, 2 of them had it.  count on your whole foods etc to carry it.

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