demitri’s bloody mary seasoning review

this is my first review of any kind of product.  it is so delicious that i had to make the plunge to write a review.  just like figuring out how to write recipes, there is a science to how to write a review.  so, bare with me while i get my science down.  also not that i am only going to write reviews about products i love.  i like to keep things positive.

i’m a bloody mary fiend.  if i’m brunching or having a sunday funday, it always starts with  a bloody mary.  i normally make my own mix if i am making a bloody mary at home with lemon, old bay, worcestershire sauce & garlic hot sauce.  sometimes i don’t have one of those ingredients & my whole world crumbles.  ok, not really.  however, i have found an amazing liquid “bloody mary seasoning” that is outstanding.  here is the breakdown…

name:  demitri’s bloody mary seasoning

why i love it: the product comes in anything from a pouch that makes a quart of bloody mary to jugs for industry use.  i got the 8oz bottle and it is a lot easier to store that little bottle of seasoning than a bunch of ingredients or bulky bottle in the fridge.  so, convience is it’s first plus.  moving onto taste, i got the classic recipe & it is perfectly spicy to me.  it comes in other flavors like chipotle- habanero for the spicier folks.  it isn’t overly salty like some can be & because you are using tomato juice, you don’t have to worry about that weird thick texture that some pre-made mixes have.  i use a 5.5oz can of tomato juice, lots of vodka & start with about 5 heavy dashes of the seasoning.  ok, so now it’s easy to store & delicious.  well here is another bonus… COST per bloody mary.  after doing some research, i found crappy mix that you have to doctor up at home for about $1.30 per bloody mary.  then there are the fancy (and pretty tasty) mixes that cost about $2.30.  now here comes demtri’s seasoning, with the can of tomato juice added into the cost, demitri’s is about $.80 per bloody mary.  most of the time you can find tomato juice for less than $.50 per can, so most likely it’s even cheaper.  there you have it… an easily stored, great tasting & cost effective bloody mary product.  i have gifted this to a few friends & we all agree that this is one awesome product!

cost: it is normally around $9 for the 8oz bottle

where i found it:
home goods

where you can find it:
amazon carries it as well as

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