how to make a cheese plate for one

 sometimes you can’t wait to have friends over or a holiday to take care of your cheese plate cravings, so this is an easy guide to making a cheese plate for one.  this is kind of a “crap in my fridge” deal.

step one: check your fridge and pantry out for accompaniments & crackers.  think nuts, honey, preserves, olives, jams etc.

. 1 savory accompaniment (ex: tomato jam, olive tapenade, whole grain mustard)
. 1 sweet accompaniment (ex: honey, preserved fruit, jam)
. some kind of nuts
. olives (*depending on if you are using something salty as your savory accompaniment, omit the olives)
. some crackers

step two:  cheese shop time!  i know we don’t all have easy excess to a cheese shop, so just go to the local grocery store that you know has a good selection.  since we are just looking for ourselves, this is where it gets tricky.  most cheese shops & well equipped cheese sections will have an “odds & ends” basket with smaller pieces of cheese.  this is our JACKPOT.  think about what you have already picked out at home.  i have spent over $30 on a cheese plate just for myself, so i try to keep the cost down if i’m just making it for myself.  i can always seem to find 2-3 cheeses in the basket.  here is a bit of a guide, however this cheese plate is for YOU, you don’t have to think about others tastes.  if you want blue cheese, get it.  i would just recommend one nutty, one mellow and one of something you might love that others don’t.

. 1 cow (a good cheddar or alpine style cheese)
. 1 sheep ( i like a young manchego… something mellow in flavor)
. 1 goat or soft ( double or triple creme or just a simple goat cheese (if you are using honey… it’s a great pairing)

step three: rounding your cheese plate out

. add some fresh baguette or crostini
. add 1 selection of charcuterie, get something that you enjoy… you pretty much can’t go wrong here

step four:  plate it up & enjoy

my plate included:  a triple creme, 18 month aged gouda, a mellow spanish cheese, tomato jam, preserved cherries, mixed olives, marcona almonds, garlicky salami, gluten free crackers & gluten free baguette (not pictured… a bottle of wine, of course)

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