how to make a great cheese plate


as a cheesemonger, it’s my job to school people on what cheeses make a great cheese plate! you can make it easy on yourself & have us do it for you or have some fun creating your own!

to start, THE CHEESE! to make it easy, pick 3-4 cheeses of different milks and textures. this is where you have to trust us cheesemongers. you don’t want 2 blues, a washed rind and a tangy aged cheese, you and your guests cheese palate will be destroyed! think one mellow, one nutty/toasty and one cheesemonger’s choice. if your guests like blue, add one as a fourth cheese.

i love crackers & other vehicles for cheese. i pick “pretty” crackers, a variety of colors, shapes & flavors. i always get a gluten free cracker as well, even the gluten eaters will indulge. 2 or 3 types of crackers are enough, for me if i am making a cheese plate for more than 10, i add a baguette.

meats, jams & other delicious things to eat with cheese! i am a charcuterie freak, so i always need some on my cheese plate, pick 1 or 2 that will compliant your cheese. i normally pick a spicy and a mild sweeter flavor. on a big cheese plate, i don’t use many jams or honeys. if i do smaller a plates, i am a huge fan. if there is a great honey for the blue you’ve picked, just plate it separately with honey, so that people know they belong together. i fill in empty spots on the plate with fruits and nuts, dried cranberries or cherries are easily accessible & cheap.

adding signs that say what kind of cheese are on the plate is a great idea, i have learned that from my current job. at a wedding, no one is paying attention, but at a family gathering, it is a great touch!

so there you have it, a simple quick guide to make a badass cheese plate!

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