where have i been? well, i’ll tell ya!


i have been a busy bee! i wanted to make a change in my life when it came to my job, so for a few months i was on the hunt. while at my last job i fell back in love with cheese. i had been a cheese and gourmet buyer years before, so my love for cheese has been there for quite some time. that being said, few months ago, i landed a job at a cheese shop in dc! the shop is located in a large market full of food purveyors, eateries & even an amazing shop full of anything and everything you need to entertain! i am now feeling great about my place at work & will get back to blogging! i hope to incorporate the fun products & mind blowing cheeses that i now happily represent too! just to dip my toe back in the water, here are some pics of the awesome stuff you can find at the shop & in the market.

o’banon- this cheese is awesome. when we get it in, one of my bosses ages it for about an additional month. this small round of goat cheese is wrapped in chestnut leaves & then dipped in WOODFORD RESERVE!!!! it is bright, tangy & after the extra aging… perfectly bourbon-y. plus, it looks like a show stopper with the leaf imprints.

keen’s cheddar- well, i have a small obsession with the maker of this cheese, neal’s yard dairy in england. this wheel was made in the winter of 2013, which makes for a super concentrated flavor. what flavor you ask? smack you on he face fresh grated horseradish! it is melty too, which makes it perfect for burgers!

neopol savory smokery sandwich special- do you like smoked anything? this is your place. their smoked hummus is a sample in my fridge & i eat lunch there at least twice a week. this gem blew my mind though. this is a smoked pork loin sandwich (which is heated up with sliced tomatoes) with smoked egg salad, red onion, greens & dijon mustard on sunflower flax seed bread! odd combo? uhh, yeah… but it was ridiculous! i ate it in 10 minutes. as I was finishing it up, i gave my praises to the people responsible for the best sandwich i have ever had, period.

fishwife chips- so not only is this an amazing seafood purveyor, the owner has a small menu of cooked items, including chips. i am a french fry expert & should be because i eat them at least once a week. these fries make me happy on a bad day. i have no idea what her trick is, but i am on board. they are seasoned with malt salt & served with homemade ketchup. i cannot tell how perfect these fries are. as I write this, i can’t wait to get to work tomorrow to have them along aside of their charred squid salad for lunch!

peregrine iced coffee- ok, so i don’t drink coffee regularly, or i didn’t. i get iced coffee every morning i work now. sometimes i drink it black or with maple & trickling springs cream. i have to force myself to not drink it in 5 minutes. the staff is awesome (as is all of the spots i’ve mentioned in this post) and prices are perfect. they have a great tea menu as well, plus a gluten free pastry option. starbucks who?

to bring this post to an end, i am happy & excited about my life! look out for foodie pics, love for fellow purveyors, boozy drink recipes & of course recipes for all.


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