breakfast for dinner… hash brown waffles…what?!?!?


i’m a HUGE breakfast for dinner kind of girl.  i love this breakfast for dinner (or just breakfast) combo is delicious & not so bad for you if you do it right, but if you want more butter & cheese… DO IT!  i use tater tots because they break down & cook much easier than shredded hash browns.  plus these waffles are a fun & great alternative for gluten free folks!

makes 4 servings

breakfast parts
4-6 jimmy dean applewood smoke chicken sausage patties (these are my FAVORITE), cooked up on the griddle
12 slices center cut bacon, baked in the oven
5 eggs plus 3 egg whites, well whisked together, cooked to your liking & seasoned with salt and pepper

waffles & toppings
2/3 bag frozen tater tots, thawed
cooking spray
1 cup sargento 4 state cheddar (it’s just perfect for this recipe)
4 scallions, chopped
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup sour cream
salt & pepper

. heat waffle iron on the highest heat, this is important to make them extra crispy
. using a folk break apart tater tots
. salt & pepper to taste
. spray waffle iron with cooking spray
. take 1/4 tater tot mash & place in a flat layer in waffle iron
. cook until the light comes on that it is done, there is a chance that it will need a bit longer depending on you waffle maker.  it should be super crispy & golden brown
. remove from waffle maker & top with cheese, sour cream & scallions
. serve with all of the other yummy breakfast items above

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