detox complete! BOOM!


i have completed my detox!!!!  all 12 days!  i feel really good.  my skin is clean, i have more energy, and generally feel lighter.  i remember being a bit scared by taking the plunge to do the detox and now that it is over, i feel like i could have done it for 12 more days.  a lot of your cravings go away and their substitutes are actually really good.  everything from coconut milk in smoothies to spaghetti squash instead of pasta for a lot of yummy dishes.  don’t get me wrong, i cheated with booze (mostly wine) and a bite of cheese or 6 & of course i am happy to be able to consume pineapple & whiskey.

there are a few things that i will continue to do now that the detox is done…

i will cut back on dairy & only have it out of craving it, even if it is often for a few days.  this is simply because i just realized that i don’t want it as much as i used to consume it.  i see it & talk people’s ears off about it every day at work, i am surrounded by cheese lovers (including myself), but i can live without it sometimes.  i don’t drink much milk, so i will simply replace it with a non-dairy version.  i could have butter during the detox, and  i will continue to indulge in my love for it.

i have become fond of using coconut oil in cooking some dishes, it is a great alternative for a lot of asian dishes.  don’t worry adding salt to any dish help diminish the coconut flavor, which makes it even more versatile.  i do will continue to look for more natural cooking spray alternatives for my eggs & other times i need just a bit of oil.

as i have stated throughout my blog, i am about 80% gluten free & doing this detox reminded me of just how crappy gluten can made me feel.  i drink gluten free vodka, whiskey doesn’t seem to bother me but i know i can’t enjoy too much beer without my stomach feeling like there is a basketball in it.  i do take a digestive aid for food allergies when i do splurge & it works miracles, but it is not something to take everyday.

i will continue to take the probiotics that i’ve already mentioned in my check in post.  i think these are really important.  basically they kick the bad stuff out of your body on a regular basis.  make sure you get the right amount of b complex, calcium & fiber.  certain foods with naturally help with this.  juicing & making smoothies always make this easy without taking extra supplements.

drink more water, i covered this during my check in so i won’t annoy you what that again like a preaching mother.

i have read negative things about this detox. i do not agree with them.  doing a healthy detox isn’t going to make you lose 10 pounds or feel like a completely new person.  if you go from eating a ton of carbs, crappy fast foods, no fruits or veggies… it is going to take A LOT more than 12 days to feel better.  i lost 4 pounds, to me that’s just a bonus.  do this detox because you want to feel healthy and clean your body of toxins, not as a diet.

i will continue to post detox friendly recipes, if they apply… which im sure they will!

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