detox check in… day 8

so i am on day 8 of my wild rose detox & am feeling pretty awesome.  there were some additional adjustments i made to my detox that have made it great!

over the first few days, i went to my detox gurus at work asking why i wasn’t feeling so bad.  the first thing they both said was “that means you aren’t that toxic”.  this made me happy, but i wondered what the detox was doing if i wasn’t feeling much different.  i started feeling really heavy and gross.  this was mainly due to my change of diet.  not that it was extremely different, but enough to make me feel like i had a basketball in my stomach.  so, 4 days in i asked what else i could be doing.

one of my gurus said that it takes longer than just a few days for someone who is pretty healthy to begin with to feel the physical changes that are working out in your body.  that  being said, made me have a bit of a sigh of relief.  she asked about my water consumption & while i drink over the 8 eight oz glasses that we should all be drinking, i decided to increase that to help with the process.  i also went on probiotics.  they are expensive, but worth it.

i have cheated!  yes,  you heard me, i CHEATED!  i have cheese on a chicken salad last night & a few bites of bread over the weekend.  i don’t feel bad about it.  ive even had a few cocktails & glasses of wine.  no juice or additional sugars.  just vodka & soda or wine.   i’m just aware it could slightly counteract what i am trying to do for my body & brain.

here is a list of pinpoints of tips/ things i’ve learned

. drink a lot of water & try to keep track of it.  don’t be too crazy about, because that will drive you CRAZY!  i have 50 oz bottle that i use to help keep track.  i try to drink 85 oz to 100 oz a day.  while you are on the wild rose detox, it takes about a half of the 50 oz bottle just to take the pills & wash down the liquid herbal tonic anyway.

.  take probiotics.  take one that has  bifido probiotic cultures, that is VERY important.  i take one in the morning before i do anything.  try to give it some time before you eat breakfast & take your detox supplements.  i will continue to take these after my detox, because they have made such a difference.

. you may be cranky, foggy, easily annoyed & may just want to punch someone during this process.  i had slight headaches for a few days, felt super tired & wanted to punch a few people during the first few days, but it goes away.

. ride it out or as one of my gurus says “just ride the wave”.  it really is worth it.  you want cheese, have a bite.  you want bread, have a bite.  just remember that it could counteract what you are trying to do.

with all of this being said, i feel really good.  my head is clear, my skin is clear (the massive zit on my chin is gone) & my body is thanking me for doing the wild rose detox over and over again.  i can’t say that i won’t be happy when i don’t have to take a handful of supplements anymore & eat pineapple when i want, but it is well worth it.  i already have a diet that doesn’t contain much gluten or dairy but i will not say no to them if it’s what i’m craving.  i will enjoy my booze when i want, as well.  when i started my journey to be healthy, i said i will only make changes in my life that i will be capable of maintaining for a lifetime.  this detox so far has just been an extra jump in the right direction.

one a lighter note, i will be posting some more detox friendly & still delicious recipes over the next few days.

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