and so it begins…. i’m doing a detox


since ive started working at a health based market (go figure i work in the dept that is ALL things i can’t enjoy during the next 12 days), i have started embracing natural health alternatives.  so why not do a detox?  not one of those bs lemon and cayenne pepper things but a real detox, one that i can eat more than kale & drink more than lemon water.  after talking to my health gurus at work, i decided on the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox.  i bought it, took it home, opened the package, read the booklet & freaked the hell out!  my first thought was i can’t do this!  after talking to my gurus at work again, my fears were eased & i started my cleanse today.

considering i don’t eat a lot of gluten & not a ton of dairy (mostly just cheese), i am in good shape to begin with.  booze however, is my downfall.  i did some research & having a glass or 2 of wine wont completely kill your detox, just try to stay away from it as much as possible.  i was confused about a few things like coconut milk & tomatoes, but some blog research gave me quick easy answers.  there are even recipes on the website of doctor who created this detox.  plus, of course pinterest has a ton of recipes as well.

i had bacon (uncured), organic eggs cooked in BUTTER & spinach for breakfast.  not a bad start.  i have a list of recipes that i have made up in my head, a grocery list full of detox friendly foods & am ready to tackle the next 12 days!

so, obviously i will be posting updates, recipes & tips (if i have any) over the next 12 days.  wish me luck!

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