eating & drinking local.

after sometime at my new job, we have done a few events with local vendors.  not only that, but in my dept our intense love and support for local beer & wine.  there is something satisfying about a meal being made of only food that is made or grown within about 100- 120 miles of rockville.  from  the guy who makes his cheese dips in bethesda to the ice cream maker in silver spring.  from one of the many maryland & dc breweries to the farmer that grows my favorite baby grape tomatoes in pa.  if i can buy bacon that is sourced from local local farm, i am going to do it.  if i can buy a handmade coaster from an artist that lives in the dc area, i am going to do it.

yes, my burrata cheese is from italy & my fav cheap white blend to have a bottle of while watching crappy tv is from france but, like i said there is something gratifying about about having a meal that was produced & sourced locally.  its eco friendly & simply supportive of the farm or brewery we may pass on the way to work or to your weekend away.

even if you just keep your eye out for the local signs at your big super market chains, you are helping the earth & your community.  is the 50 cents extra you MAY OR MAY NOT PAY worth the gas it took your corn to come from another country or half way across our country?   the pint of mixed tri color baby tomatoes from pa is at the same price point or cheaper than the half over ripe cherry tomatoes we find in the big chains.  bulk spices that are sold by weight & not a huge container that you  may never use again is far more cost effective.  just be aware of things.  do what you can to support.  we cant bank on all of our ingredients being made or produced next door but, even a few out of your grocery trip come from your city, county or state… do it.

plus when you shop at smaller local markets you are going to find great demos, amazing prepared food selections that are conscious of dietary restrictions,  fun events like jazz brunches & bbqs on saturday afternoons and, most importantly a staff that knows their shit.

so the next time you pass a local super market or even a farmer’s market… stop & enjoy the food, wide selection of items & get to know your community.

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