buy a meat threomometer dangit!

this is my new favorite kitchen gadget.  it’s really that simple.  while i have only had a few run ins with overcooked/undercooked meats, after using this on a prime rib & even just a chicken breast…it’s kinda changed my cooking life.

most newer ovens are equipped with a thermometer when it comes to roasting or baking meats in the oven. but i like to have one on hand to use in anything from the grill, saute pan or even a smoker.

i like ones with the wire so that you can read the temp from outside the cooking device, which is important when using a grill, smoked or the convection option on your oven.

this is the one that i have and it’s worked great.  it is made by bradley smoker … you can find one like it just about anywhere.

obviously, chicken is the biggest concern when it comes to internal temperature.  we never want to undercooking it, but we all know what a dried out piece of grilled chicken tastes like and it’s not something i want to waste my time eating.  using a meat thermometer for chicken cooked anyway for anything will make you think twice about this boring meat.

i know this is a really exciting  post but i PROMISE it’s worth the time to order one.

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