rose wine… summer’s best friend

i love rose any time of the year but when the weather starts getting warmer my taste buds start screaming for a good rose.  it pairs well with a lot of food, which makes it the perfect wine to bring to a cook out or pack for a picnic.  these wines are NOT your sweet pink white zinfindel, these are dry with the perfect balance of acid & fruit.  i was in maine a few weeks ago and we found an AMAZING rose selection at the The Walpole Barn, i think we bought a bottle of each just to try them.  i could write a whole post about how you MUST go there for funky boat/beach bags, fun kitchen nick nacks, even rocks glasses etched with fishies. however this is a post about rose, but please note if you are anywhere near south bristol, maine… GO TO THIS BARN!  back to rose, it is a great wine to explore by picking up a few from different regions or made from different grapes to see what floats your boat.  here are some of my favs, old & new.

alexander valley dry sangiovese rose
this late in the summer, this one might be tough to find, but if you do, buy a few bottles.  this is a staple in my house during the summer and it’s probably one of my overall favorites.  while over the year the taste profile changes a smidge (which is excepted in almost ANY wine) it’ still has its lovely signature light strawberry flavor that i love so much.

elk cove pinot noir rose
elk cove is notorious for its amazing pinot gris and some of oregon’s best pinot noir, so it’s no wonder that their rose is delicious. with notes of cranberry & even a little bit of bright pink grapefruit, you can’t go wrong.

yalumba y series sangiovese rose

i have always been a fan of any yalumba wine.  they are well priced and from one of my favorite wine making regions, the barossa valley in austraila.  this rose has great notes of watermelon & cherry, how much more summery can you get?

roederer estate brut rose i had to throw a sparkling rose out there for the brunch lover in me.  this rose is  one of my favorite sparkling wines, period.  a little bolder with it’s use of chardonnay but still on track with roses with it’s strawberry notes.  this  stunner is crab cake eggs benedict partner in crime.

food pairings:  think grilled bread, rubbed with garlic topped with melted fresh mozzarella, prosciutto & basil.  rose wines have the balance of acid & fruit, meaning that it cuts through fat with the acid & enhances the flavors in the food with the fruit.  so i tend to mix grilled elements with rich flavors from meats & cheeses to perfectly compliment my rose.  like i have said above, it is really versatile so it really does go well with anything from grilled shrimp with pineapple salsa to fresh herb crusted pork tenderloin.

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